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Details: Abacus Life Counter Blue
Quickly and easily count from 1 to 110 with the official Magic: The Gathering Abacus-style Life Counter.

Made with a zinc alloy and finished with a matte color, the Magic Abacus Life Counter features all five Mana Symbols.

Size approximately 88mm x 63mm and fits inside any Ultra PRO Deck Box.

The top row of beads are finished in silver while the bottom row is finished in gold for better visual distinction.

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 Price: 19.95 EUR incl. VAT
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    Life Pad

    For the seasoned gamer, score keeping is a part of life.
    Replace your plain paper pads with the new Magic: The Gathering Life Pad and do it in style!

    The Life Pad offers you a quick, inexpensive way to add some fun and novelty to your gaming sessions, and will make a great addition to any hobby game store.

     EUR 3.95*   
     EUR 3.95*   
     EUR 3.95*   
     EUR 3.95*   
     EUR 3.95*   
     EUR 3.95*   
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Glass gaming stones   
    Colored gaming stones made of glass.
    You can use them as tokens or counters.
    Warning! - Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

    Dice can be used as tokens, counters or to keep track of your life points in the game.
    + / - Dice

    This set of 8 dice is the perfect solution for all games that require +x/+x modifiers. The range of numbers allows modifications from -6 to +6 and is a perfect addition to any card game. The dice come in a size of 16mm, positive numbers are white, negative ones are black.

     EUR 4.95*   
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    Loyalty Dice Set

    Keep track of your loyalty counters with the Magic: The Gathering Plane of Ixalan Loyalty Dice set!
    This Set contains 12 Dice, each with counter from 1 to 6.

     EUR 7.99*   
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    Spindown dice

    This great die comes in the 5 magic colors: green, red, black, blue and white.
    It has the Darksteel edition symbol instead of the 20.

    The color of the die is random.

     EUR 1.29*   
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Dice bags   
    With these velvet bags you can transport your dice, gaming stones, coins... everywhere you go.

    Bag size: 15cm x 10cm or 17,5cm x 12,5cm

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