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Details: Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
Nicol Bolas is among the most powerful beings in the Multiverse–don´t face him alone! Much like the original Archenemy release, Archenemy: Nicol Bolas pits you and two friends against a single powerful foe where you must work together to survive–or fall to Nicol Bolas himself.

The set contains:

- four 60-card decks (with no new card content),
- four non-premium planeswalker cards with new art
- a 20-card scheme deck containing 20 all-new, unique schemes.

Playable right out of the box without any additions!

Language: english

Release date: 16.06.2017

 Delivery time: 1-4 days 
 Price: 36.95 EUR incl. VAT
+ additional shipping costs

Magic Game Night   
    Magic Game Night

     EUR 26.95*   
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Challenge Decks   
    Challenge Deck

    A challenge deck is a deck against which you play alone or together with friends. Please be aware that the back of the cards has another design than the usual Magic cards.

     EUR 11.99*   
     EUR 9.99*   
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