How does the bonus system work ?
As a registered user you can save money by collecting bonus points.

You get bonus points for

. . . ordering Magic single-cards
. . . ordering special promotions (some daily offers, some preorders)
. . . taking part in our special prize-draws for members

Just log in before your submit your order and you will be able to collect bonus points for your order.
You can always check your bonus point balance on the summary page in your customer account. At any time you can ask us about your bonus point account. Just send us an email (

. . . and this is how you save:

You can use the bonus points (that you have collected previously) to get store credit at Miracle Games.

Use 50 points and get 1,00 EUR store credit.
Use 100 points and get 2,50 EUR store credit.
Use 150 points and get 5,00 EUR store credit.
Use 200 points and get 8,00 EUR store credit.

You can decide when and how many bonus-points (50, 100, 150 or 200) you would like to use ! Of course you keep the remaining points.

Your store credit may be used for any offer in our shop without any restrictions. If your credit balance is higher than the current order value we will of course save the difference as remaining store credit in your customer account. Please note, however, that we cannot pay back the store credit in cash.

*All prices in EURO, incl. VAT. Shipping fees extra)

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