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Details: UP-Pro-Binder - IMA - Iconic Masters
Ultra Pro

This binder contains 20 pages to hold 360 cards in sleeves. The side-loading pocket design adds better card protection. It has a durable rigid PVC free cover with elastic closure band.

More pages can not be added.

 Delivery time: 1-4 days 
 Price: 17.95 EUR incl. VAT
+ additional shipping costs

Card albums   
    DinA4 Binder to store and transport your single cards.
    Sold without 9-pockets pages.

9-Pocket Pages   

    Artists Portfolios 9 Pockets

    Contains 10 pages with each 9 pockets to store single cards.
    More pages cannot be added.

     EUR 5.99*   
     EUR 5.99*   
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Gaming case   
    Gaming case

    Practical to carry every you need for a tournament, this gaming case includes:

    - compartments to store Ultra Pro Deck Boxes
    - extra pockets to hold rule books, pamphlets, and cards
    - an adjustable nylon padded shoulder strap

    Contents sold separately.

     EUR 19.99*   
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    Gamers Bag

    This limited bag has a lot to offer:
  • Interchangeable flap to customize your style
  • Durable elastic straps to secure your deck boxes
  • Neoprene laptop & e-reader pouches
  • Backside compartment sized to fit a fully loaded Ultra Pro Pro-Binder
  • Play mat tube holder
  • Multiple zippered compartments for dice, pad & pen and other gaming accessories
  • Quick release shoulder strap

    Contents sold separately.

     EUR 79.95*   
     EUR 79.95*   
    sold out
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