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Details: UG Superhive 550+ black
This ultimate box leaves nothing to be desired! There is space for everything you will need, with compartments for multiple card decks and cases, two play-mats and accessories like dice, tokens and life counters!

Here are some examples of what this amazing box can hold:

- 6 Deck Case 80+ (+ extra space)
- 5 Deck Case 100+
- 5 Sidewinder 80+
- 4 Sidewinder 100+ (+ extra space)
- 5 Flip Deck Case 80+
- 4 Flip Deck Case 100+ (+ extra space)
- 6 Boulder 80 (+ extra space)
- 5 Boulder 100+
- 2 Flip n Tray 80+ (+ extra space)
- 550+ Double Sleeved Cards
- 650+ Single-Sleeved Cards
- 1100+ unsleeved cards
- 230+ Top-Loaders
- 2 Play-Mats
- Dice Tray
- 2 Monolith (+ extra space)

Product features:

- Ideal for storing a great variety of Ultimate Guard products
- Convenient multi-deck-carrying - Multiple deck cases can be carried together in one box
- Optimized space for 2 play-mats
- The compact design of the box surprises with a capacity of more than 550 double-sleeved cards
- Magic the Gathering™ players will love to use this box at cube drafts
- Innovative XenoSkin™ material with anti-slip texture
- Premium microfibre inner lining
- Super rigid double-layer skin for maximum protection
- 5 magnets for a precise and secure closure
- When fully opened, the 3-fold lid leaves the box open to both sides for extra easy access

Dimensions: 407 x 200 x 90 mm

Quantity discount:
Single price
: EUR 56.90 / unit
2 or more
: EUR 55.90 / unit
3 or more
: EUR 54.90 / unit

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 Price: 56.90 EUR incl. VAT
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Metal Deck Boxes   
    These boxes are of metal.
    They can hold 80 cards in sleeves.

Card boxes   
    Card Way - Card Boxes

    These card boxes from Card Way in noble look are really heavy.
    They are delivered with a drawstring bag to protect them from damage.

    Size: ca. 8,5x11x7,5 cm
    Weight: ca. 500g.

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*All prices in EURO, including VAT. | Shipping costs are not included.

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